Free 3-Day Masterclass: $50-150K Profit on $250K houses with short sales not on MLS!

Free 3-Day Masterclass Teaches You How I make $50K- $150K Profit on $250K Houses through My Unique Way of Finding, Negotiating, and Buying Short Sales That are Not on the MLS

Wednesday, September 20th through Friday, September 22nd

11:00am - 1:00pm CST (12:00 - 2:00pm Eastern)

What You Will Learn during this 3-day Masterclass

  • What a Short Sale is and is not and what others won’t tell you
  • My methods to finding ready to go short sale clients
  • How to market to them to get them to call (a must)
  • How to talk to the seller and convince them to allow you to do a Short Sale and sign the proper forms
  • Which houses don't qualify to do a short sale
  • About my one marketing letter that starts it all off
  • About the one form you need from the seller that allows you to take control of the bank and the seller in the Short Sale process
  • What Documents to Give to the Bank
  • What to do with the Bank to get them to practically give the house away to you

What you will get from this for FREE:

  • Access to 6 hours of Short Sale Training covers the whole process
  • Free Training Video with 20 Case Studies and 103-Page pdf of the slides
  • Top 10 Myths about Short Sales that are DEAD WRONG
  • The Actual one form in MS Word you need from the seller that allows you to take control of the bank and the seller in the Short Sale process

Masterclass Syllabus


Why should You listen to David Randolph

Module 1: Short Sale – What Is It?


Module 2: Short Sale – Why Do them?

Module 3: Short Sales – How to Get Them


Module 4: Short Sale - Where to Find Them

Module 5: Short Sale - What to Say and give to the banks and sellers

About the Host, David Randolph

David Randolph has built a successful real estate business and has mentored people from around the world in real estate, where he is best known as an expert  in buying houses, rehabbing houses, and selling houses fast! His unique ability to connect with individuals of all walks of life and streamline results is what makes David's custum-tailored and proven methods so highly demanded.

Today, David’s biggest passions are procedures, profits, and people. He helps people of all walks of life, leverage the power of tangible real estate tools so they can stop worrying about their future, and start enjoying the lives of their dreams.

In 3 Days Learn How to Buy Short Sales from the Top Expert in the Country and Find out How David has Accumulated over $3 Million in CASH in his IRAs alone.

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